The Duchess Danced at Dawn
The Duchess Danced          at Dawn 

Sparkling with Thrills, Faceted with Adventure - Experience the Breathless Moments of 'The Duchess Danced at Dawn'...

The Duchess Danced at Dawn is a glittery, ultra-modern spy novel set in a luxurious, high-stakes London that revolves around a glamorously eccentric cast of glitterati and villains.   Secrets are worth more than treasure in the society of the world's elite, and the machinations of the mysterious Forbidden Sands - a powerful former escort service - is now rumored to seek world domination through espionage and terrorism, and the pursuit of a cure that could change everything.  Treading these dark waters are two young future operatives quickly out of their depth in the dark waters of society and the menacing undercurrents of terror that ripple throughout every gala and elaborate ball.  



"It's an exciting, witty, globe-crawling retort to male-dominated spy novels of yore."


Penned by author Emme Chatterton, The Duchess Danced at Dawn is a contemporary and glamorous spy thriller set in a sinister yet sparkling version of London that spans exotic locations across the globe.  At the center of the worldwide shadow organization of intrigue is the powerful and devastatingly gorgeous Dayanara, former madame to the rich and political.  The stunning figure now weaves plots of her own from the shadow organization known as the Forbidden Sands, which trades favors and dirty secrets like money.   With an eye on the profitable realm of close surveillance and high-tech security, Dayanara contracts with clients both scandalous and demure, widening her international web through obscure ventures.  The jewel in Dayanra's crown is finally procured and ready for polishing: a fresh team of potential agents contracted out to the Forbidden Sands by MI6 for special operations training, the kind only a shadow organization can provide.  


"Tantalizingly Foreboding... Glittering with Deceit"


Entering the dizzy world of champagne midnights and chilling international crime is a team of fresh recruits, including the accomplished and athletic Tessa, who turned down a gap year and offers from Oxford and Cambridge for the a spot; and Misty, a sorority girl from Georgia with three years of undergraduate criminal psychology and a penchant for rescuing hostages.  The enthusiastic pair join a revolving band of agents, villains, young starlets, and music industry royalty all vying for their moment in the sun under Dayanara’s golden touch.  Darker, more perverse shadows also follow in the wake of greatness, and enemies of the Forbidden Sands seem to beckon from every corner at times, eager for any sign of weakness or betrayal - especially from untrained, unproven newcomers.  Uncertain of their ultimate destination, shocked out of a lifetime of complacency, and with eyes newly opened to the sinister machinations of the world's most trusted and powerful institutions, the team undertake the rigorous, wildly unorthodox, and often sadistic training scenarios invented by Dayanara and her glittering band of misfits, all in order to prove they have what it takes to single-handedly change the world.



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Official Release Date : August 30th


Paper Duchesses

Author Emme Chatterton writes and curates Paper Duchesses, an online journal of fiction, film, and fantasy which features original articles, interviews, excerpts, reviews, and commentary on the arts and society in the internet age.

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